videos: Madhumita criticized for sharing bathing video

videos: Madhumita criticized for sharing bathing video videos: Madhumita criticized for sharing bathing video videos: Madhumita criticized for shar
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videos: Madhumita criticized for sharing bathing video

Madhumita Sarcar left for Mussoorie after getting some leave in the middle of shooting. He is walking there like himself.

Posted multiple pictures and videos. Madhumita, who has always believed in solo trips, faced a lot of flak after sharing pictures from Mussoorie.

Among the pictures and videos Madhumita shared on social media from Mussoorie, one video and a few pictures show Madhumita taking a bath in a mountain river at an altitude of about seven thousand feet.

But because of these pictures and videos, a section of netizens made obscene comments about Madhumita's body. However, the net world is divided over Madhumita's pictures and videos. According to Madhumita's fans, she did nothing wrong. They also expressed their opinion that Madhumita's pictures are not obscene. But Madhumita did not comment on trolls.

Madhumita released the film 'Kuler Achar' this year. Vikram Chatterjee acted opposite her in this film.

Indrani Halder played the role of Madhumita's mother-in-law in 'Kuler Achar'. After marriage, it is wrong to use the husband's title or right to use the paternal title, the 'Kuler Achar' is made. The creative director of this film is Mainak Bhowmik.

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