Viral video, a five-headed rare species of snake came up on the balcony


Social media is a platform where there is no dearth of entertainment. So hours and hours are spent here by today's generation. Along with various talents here, some unreal things are going viral in no time. A similar video has already gone viral in the net world where a five-faced snake is seen slowly coming out of the forest.

Needless to say, snakes are mainly a fearful class of animals. But people are more afraid of snakes. After seeing a snake, people do not consider whether that snake is poisonous or non-poisonous. A study has shown that in most cases, people die from heart attacks after being bitten by a snake. So in that case, there is no telling what the human condition might be if one sees such a rare breed of five-headed cow.

Recently this video went viral in no time. After that the specific image is also seen on a closer look at the video, it is a photoshopped video. Someone has taken a picture of a snake with its cover up and edited it in Photoshop to create such a picture. Then the story is created from there.

Many Hindu Puranas describe such multi-headed snakes. But according to scientists, no evidence or existence of such snakes has been found so far and there are probably no such snakes in the whole world. Scientists have spoken of two-headed snakes, but five-headed snakes have not been found yet. So, one has to be very careful before watching viral videos nowadays, otherwise such people will keep fooling the netizens.

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