Watch alone with headphones in your ears, Kooku brings new sweaty web series


The trailer of the great series 'Courtship' has been released on YouTube through Koku channel. After the 'Chupi Nazar', 'Sanveda' series, the hot trailer of the courtship series came out again.

However, Shreyashi, the famous face of the most famous adult series, has acted here. And his presence in the series goes without saying how hot the scenes will be. From there it becomes possible to see just how hot and sweaty this series is going to be.

According to the story, the series is about a couple who have a beautiful family for 2 years. But one day the husband sees his wife chatting with her old lover and from there the trouble starts.

They both went to court for divorce. The judge advised them to stay together for 6 months. But they start staying without wanting to stay. Then his wife said that both of us have not got a partner for ourselves.

Hearing such a proposal, her husband agreed. Watch this series to know what happens next.

This 2-episode series will release in full Hindi on Kokur screens on 22nd August. Shreyasi and others have virtually broken down all barriers of shame with the help of body heat.

Apart from Shreyasi, Bhanu Thakur, Kunal Mehta and others will act in the series. Before that, don't forget to subscribe to Koku app.

A sweat-inducing series that you can only watch with a subscription. But don't forget to click this series in front of elders or children at home.

Note that this content is for adults only.

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