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You can get married this year, the picture of heroine Bobby's boyfriend has been revealed


For a long time, there were rumors of love and marriage between Dhaka film heroine Bobby and producer and his business partner Shakib Sonnet. But they were calling it just a rumour. But in the end the rumors of love came true.

His and Sonnet's love came to light on Bobby's birthday on Thursday. Sonnet posted a status on Facebook about Bobby to wish him a happy birthday. There was a hint of their relationship in the post. When contacted by the Post, Bobby and Sonnet both admitted to the relationship.

Sonnet wrote on Facebook, 'It's your birthday, but I'm the one who should be celebrating the most. My favorite person in the world was born today. Your smile is a reason to celebrate. Your love is the most precious gift in the world. I am so happy that you came into the world and I am even more happy that you came into my world. Happy birthday Yameen Haque Bobby.' Many fans speculated about their relationship after seeing this post. Someone commented, now waiting for the official announcement. Some people assume that they are married.

When Bobby was asked about Sonnet's Facebook post, he said that he was surprised to see Sonnet's status. With a smile, he said, "I don't understand the status that will be given like this." But I can say this much, we are not married yet, we are in a love relationship. Marriage is a big deal. A relationship journey has begun between the two.

Bobby is in love, can get married this year

But Bobby is saddened to hear that many fans have assumed that they are married after seeing Sonnet's post. He said, 'If people marry us at the beginning of the relationship, then there is a problem. Why are people like this? It feels bad to hear these things.

Sonnet also admitted her relationship with Bobby after the post. He said that their relationship started five years ago during the pre-production of the film 'Nolock'. He was the producer of the film. Since then, the two have been business partners for a long time. Slowly got involved in the relationship. Prothom Aloke Sonnet said, 'After working together for a long time, they like each other and come close. Relationships deepen from love, which is what happened to us. But we have a relationship of mutual respect. For this reason, I have expressed my special feelings towards him on his birthday in Facebook status.

Bobby is in love, can get married this year

Sonnet also said that he was impressed by Bobby's honesty. He said, "Our movie heroines are seen differently by common people. But I saw none of the conventional notions of heroines in Bobby. I have seen his great passion and love for the people of his family.

When you made the love public, will you announce the marriage? Sonnet said, 'Love is a very beautiful thing. That's where the meaning of love lies. We want that too. I want to get married at the end of this year with the opinion of both families. But Bobby's opinion about when to get married is the first.

Bobby is in love, can get married this year

Meanwhile, from the first hour of the birthday, Bobby is floating in the greetings of well-wishers. This birthday is special for him for many reasons. Bobby went to a vacation center in Gazipur with his family last Wednesday afternoon, the day before his birthday. He celebrated his first birthday there. On her way back to Dhaka from Gazipur on Thursday afternoon, the actress said, "After three years, mother has returned from her sister's house in Australia. I went to Gazipur with my mother and cousins. I cut the cake at 12:01 PM, and made a lot of noise. I celebrated my birthday with my mother after a long time. I enjoyed as much as I could, I spent time.

What did you get as a present on your birthday? When asked, Bobby said, 'I am a film person. Cinema is a great gift for me. There is another birthday party later in the evening. There will be announcements of new movies. I think this is my best birthday present. However, I still don't know the name of the movie. The shooting is scheduled to start from September 2.

Meanwhile, the shooting of two movies named 'Paap Punya' and 'Ebar Tora Manhoos Ha' starring Bobby has been completed recently. Apart from this, the shooting of another movie called 'Mayurakshi' is almost over. Only the shooting of the song scene is left.

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