At the age of 9 years, the whole world made an app! Greetings from the applicator himself to Indian origin


Doing something new means, 'age' no factor, heard that a lot, it's visual once more. If we ask you how you spent your childhood life, i.e. 9 years old. Most of them will answer studies and sports. But today we will introduce you to one such 9-year-old boy who has taken the whole world by storm. He has caught the attention of Apple CEO Tim Cook through his work. Let's find out why this 9-year-old boy is in today's headlines.

9 year old developed iOS app

Yes, this boy made a new app (9 year old developed ios app) and has impressed the whole world. Now come to the identity of the boy, he is Indian by birth but currently a resident of Dubai. The boy's name is Hana Mohammad Rafiq. The app created by this Indian origin Hana is called 'Hanaj'. The app developed for Apple's App is mainly used to tell stories to children. He has a reason behind creating this app, which he shares.

Nowadays, parents are so busy that they don't have time to talk to their children. He kept this thought in mind so that 'parents' can read the story in their own voice and record it through this app. Hana said 10,000 lines of coding were required to create the app. The CEO of Apple himself was surprised to see his app and congratulated him in an e-mail. In that mail Hana mentions that he is one of the youngest coders in the world. Encourage Hana to go further.

Apple app newly developed

But why coding at an age when a child is addicted to sports? Hana said in an interview that she is a follower of her aunt Lina Fatima. He learned coding from his grandmother. His grandmother is only one year older than him. This ten-year-old Lina also runs a website. Relief was collected through the website created by Lina during the Kerala flood disaster. His father is also very happy to kill his children.

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