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BTS members might have to enlist by the end of the year if no military exemption or alternate service options are approved

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BTS has been a global icon and a medium for mass development across fields in South Korea. Their contribution to the country’s GDP and rise in tourism have been clear definitions of their global influence. South Korea’s law dictates the members of the group to enlist for their mandatory military service according to their age, that is like all other people the able-bodied members must enlist before turning 30 (28 in international age).

According to this, the oldest member Jin will have to enlist by the end of the year and the others will follow.

The topic of BTS’ military service has been under discussion for years now and despite multiple attempts at coming to a conclusion, nothing has been set so far. On the other hand, BTS was appointed as the official public relations ambassador for the city of Busan’s bid for the 2030 World Expo. Their official duties include creating and presenting presentations, promoting the event, and even holding a concert in October. As a result, the mayor of Busan suggested that BTS be given the option of alternate service where they get to perform their national duties while also maintaining their work as artists.

A new update reveals that The Ministry of National Defense of the Republic of Korea has reportedly decided to conduct a poll on special military service for the group and draw a conclusion as quickly as possible. According to officials, an opinion poll has been ordered to decide if BTS can be given the option of alternate service. Defense Minister Lee Jong Sub, wishes to take into consideration various opinions and carefully conclude. The nation’s interests will be of utmost importance when deciding anything.

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