Don't forget to watch it in front of your family, if you are bored watching Hindi serials, watch these five Korean web series


Don't forget to watch it in front of your family, if you are bored watching Hindi serials, watch these five Korean web series

Nowadays web series is a new addition to the glamor industry along with movie serials. Actually keeping up with the technology now everyone likes to watch various web series through internet.

A number of web series in Bengali, Hindi and other regional languages ​​ace even big budget movies. In fact, the common people have understood the value of digital media since the post-corona period. And to keep up with that, multiple platforms have been born.

However, nowadays people's content consumption style has changed a lot. No one likes Ekta Kapoor's monotonous romantic story. There was a huge trend of watching Pakistani and Bangladeshi dramas. But now that's on the way to extinction Korean drama shows are hugely popular among Indians these days thanks to the OTT platform.

All these Korean dramas are easily available especially on Netflix. If you love watching Korean dramas then today's report is for you. Know about 5 top trendy Korean dramas.

Crash landing on you:

Romantic stories in Korean dramas are widely popular among young Indian audiences. The story revolves around the love between Yoon-se-ri, a rich South Korean girl, and Lee Joon-hyo, a North Korean army officer. After a paragliding accident, Eun Se-ri flees to North Korea, where Lee Joon-hyo saves her life. Seri is sent to Lee's country to try as best she can. Seeing Lee's efforts, Seri falls in love with him. This emotional story may bring tears to your eyes.


This Vincenzo web series has the perfect combination of crime and comedy. This web series is available on Netflix and has 20 episodes. The story of this web series revolves around the life of Korean mafia lawyer Vincenzo Carrano.

Descendants of the Sun:

Descendants of the Sun web series is also a Korean romantic story. It describes the incredibly beautiful love story of two lovers. During a war, Yoo Si-jin, a South Korean special forces captain, falls in love with a beautiful girl surgeon. And that's the whole story. The web series is available on Netflix and has 16 episodes.

Business Proposal:

The Korean drama Business Proposal became very popular among young women. It is also a romantic story. This web series depicts the love story of employee Sheen Hari. Actually, Shin goes on a blind date at the suggestion of his friend and his office boss appears as his date. They then become friends with each other and gradually their relationship turns into a love affair.


Korean drama Penthouse is a combination of power, wealth, prestige and attitude. The story of this web series is about a 100-storey huge penthouse apartment. If you love watching Korean dramas, then definitely check out these five web series mentioned above.

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