Don't make the mistake of clicking in front of the kids, with Ullu's new sweaty web series


The trailer of 'Shahad' web series has been released again through Ullu app. A few days ago, he released several serials like 'Samane Wali Khidki', 'Siskian'. Now the trailer of 'Shahad' series has come forward.

The audience was eagerly waiting for this series. In fact, Ullu's great sweat series has created a different excitement among the audience.

You will see Priya Gamre as the heroine. Priya is a very familiar face in adult series. All the serials he acted in were huge hits.

It goes without saying that this series will make the audience sweat. Surely you want to know about the story of the series? The story of a married woman is shown. Who is newly married.

When she was having sex with her husband, she used to see all of her deo through a hole in the wall of the room. Once that woman knew. One day he threw stones through that hole.

As a result of which his deorer sticks. What will the woman do now? Although you can know that through Shahad web series.

This series will be released on September 16 through Ullu. But before that, don't forget to subscribe to Ullu to watch this series of two episodes. This series will release in 6 other languages ​​including Hindi.

Various artists will be present in this series. So don't delay and get ready to subscribe to enjoy this great series first.

Note that this content is for adults only.

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