From a stick to an old lady in an instant, you will be shocked to see Subhasree in an old lady look, trying to sharpen her acting skills.


Subhashree Ganguly has been choosing different types of films for several years. Parineeta, Habji Gabji, Dharmajudda, After Bismillah, Baudi Canteen and Indubala Bhatar Hotel, he will be seen in these two films. Both films are different from the so-called mainstream commercial films that Subhasree has been making since the beginning of his career.

He is trying to sharpen his acting talent. And this new style of Subhasree's films is quite appealing to the audience. In the future, he is awaiting the release of two films, Baudi Canteen and Indubala Bhat Hotel. Subhasree's first look in Hotel Indubala Bhatt has been revealed recently.

Thin hair is tied on the head. Countless wrinkles on the skin of the face and hands. Two cloudy eyes behind the glasses. A light smile on the face. A handful of rice is waiting to be served. Looking at the picture, one must quickly realize that this is Subhashri. He has become old in an instant with the benefit of prosthetic makeup!

Sharing a picture of his wife, a proud husband Raj wrote, "I applaud her courage to break herself and play the role of a seventy-five-year-old woman in 'Indubala Bhatar Hotel'." Hats off to the entire team. I know it will be very good. I was waiting.

Director Devalaya Bhattacharya is going to bring Kallol Lahiri's very popular novel 'Indubala Bhatar Hotel' to the screen. Subhasree is playing the main character Indubala in the web series. This is his web debut. Indubala, a daughter of East Bengal, later moved there. He became self-reliant at that time after looking after his children. The fame of his rice hotel spread far and wide.

Subhasree is leaving no stone unturned to become a culinary master. As before 'Parineeta' Sohini took acting rehearsals from Sengupta, similarly in 'Indubala Bhatar Hotel' this time too Sohini is relying on Subhasree to ensure that there is no error in acting.

Director Devalaya told the media that Indubala will be shown from the age of 16 to 75 years. Parijat Chowdhury will be seen in the role of 16-year-old Indubala. And Subhasree will act from the age of 25 to 75 years.

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