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Garment worker 37th BCS cadre, currently lecturer at Sylhet Cadet College but how??


Green Ahmed. Who is currently working as a lecturer in Sylhet Cadet College. 37th BCS general education is recommended. Whose merit rank is 6. He was a garment worker. But a BCS cadre because of self belief, perseverance and dreams and hard work.

Let's hear this man's story from his own mouth: I am writing the truth of my life for the inspiration of those who are disappointed in National University and think they can't get BCS without quota. Not a story; true In 2008, after passing the HSC exam from the science department, I tried hard to go to the university admission coaching but could not go due to family reasons.

The reason for this was more than poverty, it was another problem existing in the family (I am not saying that it is a family). I thought that I would commit suicide after not being able to get admission to the university despite trying so hard. But because I did not have the courage, I moved to Dhaka in anger and sadness. With the help of a relative, there was an opportunity to enter a sweater garment. I started working there with a salary of Rs.4500/-. The factory was located at Badam in Tongi Cherag Ali. i lived

In Cherag Ali. I used to rent 6 people in one room in a tin house in Cherag Ali. I used to get up early in the morning, take a bath with cereal, have lunch, take lunch in a tiffin carrier and rush to office. Office at 8 o'clock, a minute late is a problem. If you are late for 3 days, one day's salary will be deducted, along with attendance bonus of 300 (one day in a month and if you don't work) will be deducted. The office was open until 6 pm, sometimes 10 pm.

Return from office at night and prepare for the next day. This is how 10 months pass. One day talking to a friend (Sohail Rana) I came to know that he is admitted in honors. Their financial situation is much worse than ours. Still he is doing honors; And I'm in the garment! He woke up very sad. I also saved some money. I left the job. I went to that friend. It was not possible to apply online like now. You had to go to the college and buy the form. Friend Rana e arranged everything for me. I submitted the form to a college in Mofswal like Thakurgaon Government College. I went to the library to buy the admission guide. Time was running out, so they sent back the rest of the guides that were sold.

After ordering, I went home (40 km from Thakurgaon city). When I got the admission guide, there were only seven days left for the exam. I gave the test. Merit Rank 13 out of 4,500. 1st choice was Bengali despite getting all the subjects. After admission, I started tuition. 1st year final after 18 months. As soon as I got first in the department, I became one of the first five in the national university across the country. Exim Bank Scholarship is the head of the department. For the welfare of Amir Ali Azad sir. I came to Carmichael College in Rangpur with TC on the advice of sir.

Job training goes along with academic studies. I came to Dhaka with the same result in the honors final year examination. A few months later 37 BCS Preli. A few days before Prili, Qurbani Eid. I stayed in Dhaka. I gave the preli. A few days later I gave an exam of Biman Bangladesh Airlines. On the other hand, Preli Hall and Biman's Job Hall. Joined Dhaka Shahjalal International Airport as Ground Service Assistant. I have already tested

Bangladesh Cadet College, as a lecturer. There were 3 posts. The job is done. Since this post was in 9th grade, I left Biman and joined here. Posting Sylhet Cadet College. I got 2 months before joining the cadet college. After leaving the airline job, I read the BCS return. After finishing the exam with 900 marks out of 1100 marks, I joined the cadet college. From here I took a leave and gave a subject-wise exam of 200 marks. MA exam after a few days. I used to take 1 day leave from Sylhet to take the exam. A few days after the completion of the MA exam, 37 viva. I gave Viva. When I gave viva, MA result was not yet. 1st May 2018 Bengali MA Result of seven affiliated colleges. Results are same as before. It took almost two years to complete the MA. A few days after that on 12th June 2018, 37 BCS results. By the grace of Allah, I got the 6th place in the education cadre. (There was a lot of talk, it will grow up, that's why I didn't say it today.) If I can become a cadre with BCS viva from the national university, without quota, for the first time in my life, even after all this trouble, then you should be able to do it lakhs of times. So don't be disappointed. stick to it Success will come inshallah.


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