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Kolkata's Anirban, hailed by Bangladeshi filmmakers, has been amply proved by the success of blockbuster movies 'Paran', 'Hawa' and web series like 'Mahanagar', 'Karagar' across the country.

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Be it movies, dramas or web series, the value of good content is increasing gradually. If you get quality content, viewers are hooked. This has been amply proved by the success of movies like 'Paraan', 'Hawa' and web series like 'Mahanagar', 'Karagar' which took the country by storm.

The wind of this transition of Bangladeshi content has reached India as well. The filmmakers and artists there are discussing and praising Dhaka's movie series. A few days ago, after seeing the web series 'Prison', producer Srijit Mukherjee commented, 'Chanchal Chowdhury is the pride of the entire subcontinent'!

This time the popular actor and producer of Kolkata Anirban Bhattacharya spoke about the rise of Bangladeshi content. Participating in an Indian TV program on September 1, he said, 'There comes a time in every country, such producers and artists come who change the course of cinema. For example, in America, Francis Ford Coppola, Martin Scorsese all appeared at the same time and American cinema changed.

Anirban commented that similar tide has come in Bangladesh. He commented, “Bangladesh is also going through this period. They are coming forward after a long dark time. Ashfaq nipun (city), Shawqi (prison), Suman - who made 'hawa'; Through them, the course of cinema will change.”

Anirban feels that Kolkata is lagging behind in this area. He expects that there will be an upsurge like Bangladesh.

Incidentally, Anirban, who has been associated with theater for a long time, came to cinema in 2013. He is the most appreciated actor of Kolkata in last few years. In addition, in 2021, he created a web series named 'Mandar' and received great praise from the audience and critics.

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