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The problem of piles is well known. Many people are now suffering from this disease. At some point this problem can reach a serious level. So be careful in eating food. Because there are certain foods that can aggravate the problem of piles. Some useful vegetables are also in this list. You may not even realize, these common vegetables are increasing your piles problem.

Let us know the vegetables that increase the problem of piles-


Potato is a useful vegetable. Not only Bengali food, but in most countries of the world, potato is very important in preparing various dishes. But these potatoes can cause harm to piles sufferers. Because 100 grams of potato contains less than 2 grams of fiber. Due to which stool cannot be formed properly. Constipation occurs. So if you have problems with piles, eat as little potatoes as possible. Eating potatoes without peeling them can worsen the problem.

the shrimp

Shrimp is very tasty as a vegetable. This vegetable has many benefits. As a vegetable, this shrimp is also preferred by many. But it contains very little fiber. So be careful about eating shrimp if you have piles problem. Because, this vegetable increases constipation. As a result, piles appear.


There is no doubt about the benefits of tomatoes. They contain a lot of vitamin C. It also contains beta carotene. But this tomato can increase the problem of piles. Because tomatoes have less fiber than other vegetables. So if you have piles, you should eat tomato regularly.


Spinach is very tasty and it is also beneficial. It is preferred by many. This vegetable contains minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. However, this vegetable is not so beneficial for those who have piles. Because the amount of fiber in it is relatively less. So eat less spinach if you have piles.


Beetroot is a favorite of many. This delicious vegetable contains minerals, antioxidants and vitamins. But eating too much of this vegetable can cause harm to piles patients. Because beetroot contains very little fiber. Due to which the problem of piles patients can increase.

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