The coach and captain did not have a place to sit at the press conference!


There is no end to the excitement about the women's football team returning to the country after making history. The airport area was busy from noon to welcome them. The women's football team was accorded a royal welcome from the airport to Motijheel's Bauffe Bhavan in an open-top bus. But a visit to Buffe Bhavan reveals a different picture.

There was no lighting in the building where the title of conquering the Himalayas will be. A huge press conference was organized in the colorful building. But there was no place to sit in that press conference for champion team captain Sabina Khatun and champion team guru Golam Rabbani Chotan.

BAFF President Kazi Salauddin, FAF Vice President and Finance Committee Chairperson Abdus Salam Murshedi, State Minister for Youth and Sports Zahid Ahsan Russell sat in the press conference. Sabina and Chhotan stood behind them with others. They spoke at the press conference while standing.

Criticism started on social media after this incident. Netizens are saying, for whom today's festival is organized, for whom this is a happy occasion, they could not sit down? What kind of arrangement is this?

Some say again, those who do not have a record of success in long-term duties, why are they sitting today? Only history makers will be in that chair.

Some say again, the rare press conference, where the winning captain and coach did not have a chair to sit.

However, Salam Murshedi, senior vice-president of Bafuf, gave a vague answer to this. About the press conference in a small place, he said, 'We will hold a press conference in a bigger place and give reception. Now it's time to welcome them.

"Today is our day of pride, our day of joy," he replied to the darkened Bauffe building. There is light in this joy. The fact that they have become champions is the light.

At the press conference, Sabina said, 'Finally we have been able to fulfill the dream. You were always by my side and supported me. Thank you for that. Hope you will continue to support us and we will give the country a better title.

The football team reached Dhaka at 1:45 pm today. The Minister of State for Youth and Sports welcomed them there. Then after a 5-hour journey in an open-top bus, he arrived at Bafue. President Salahuddin welcomed them here. Then the press conference began!

In the press conference, Salahuddin expressed his desire to take this football team to the next level. South Asia has won, now his hope is Sabinara will fight against Asia.

If Asia wins, the footballer-coaches will have a place on the stage? Because, because of this press conference, they were behind the scenes. Saladin did not go to Nepal, did not go to the airport so that the girls would get the lime light. But the girls were hiding in their own dera.

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