The familiar face of adult series Manvi (Manvi chugh) coming from the model can be said to be a bit shocking


The familiar face of adult series Manvi (Manvi chugh) coming from the model can be said to be a bit shocking

Manvi chugh is now the familiar face of the adult series. The transition from modeling to acting can be said to be a bit surprising. However, this Manvi is now giving the audience a good night's sleep in the adult series. Now he is seen in one series after another. He also worked in television. Today I will tell you about several hot and sweaty series of Manveer.

1) Charmsukh: Sex Education-

Sex education series released through Ullu app. The series depicts the story of Sudhi and her mother. Where Sudhi got married but knew nothing about sex. Due to which Sudhir's husband gets very angry. But Sudhir's mother tells her to teach her everything about sex. That is why he himself has sex with the girl's husband. Watch the rest of the series on Ullur screen.

2) Jaghanya (Kutte Ki Maut) –

The story of maid Madhuri and her boss Rajat is shown. One day Rajat drinks too much alcohol and has physical relations with Madhuri. Later Madhuri dreams of marrying her boss. But Rajat loves another girl. Watch this series through Ullu app to know what Madhuri will do.

3) Woodpecker-

Shows the story of a girl named Shanya. Who dreamed of opening an airline on their own. One day she meets an airline owner Ajay. But he doesn't want to let Shanaya make his dreams come true. What will he do in such a situation? Watch it through this series on Ullu app.

4) Raja Ka Baja –

A boy named Raja whose genitals grow at midnight. That's why he doesn't have any girl in his life. who one day becomes intimate with a transgender. Since then, the genitals do not work. Meanwhile the king got married. What will the king do now? Check it out through this series.

5) Riti Riwaz: Love Festival –

Ullu is a completely different story as seen in this series. A festival is held where married couples can spend the night with other men or women.

6) Charamyog-

A girl who will marry the most handsome boy in her village. But before that, he will marry the one who can give him happiness physically. Ke Paree Teh Sukh Dinya Watch Karma Yoga Series.

This content is for adults only.

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