These Bollywood movies were once banned in India There are some Bollywood films which are banned in India


Bollywood film industry is a film industry where the fans of the films produced are spread across the country as well as abroad. And perhaps there is no such person in this world who does not like to watch films.

So Bollywood lovers are eagerly waiting to know when new Bollywood films will be released and when they will watch them. However, there are some Bollywood films which have received public criticism after their release and these films have been banned in India. Let's know about the Bollywood films in this article which are banned in India.

1) Karma: This 1934 film featured a lip-lock kiss scene between actor Himanshu Rai and actress Devika Rani. At that time this scene was considered very vulgar by the audience and the film was panned by the audience. But the film was not banned or boycotted as people did not watch Hindi cinema much at that time.

2) Banded Queen: This 1994 film starring Seema Biswas featured a bold scene of Seema Biswas. Seema had to shoot a scene naked in this scene. After watching this scene, the audience found the scene obscene which led to the audience boycotting the film. So the film was banned after running for a few days. Although the film was later shown on OTT platforms and TV.

Actress Anu Aggarwal, who once gave a hit movie like Aashiqui, is familiar with her current look, see the picture

3) Fire: The film 'Fire' directed by Deepa Mehta was released in 1996. Nandita Dash and Shabana Azmi starrer 'Fire' practically set the entire country on fire. Female homosexuality was the subject of this film. Shiv Sena started protests in Maharashtra. To maintain order in India, the Censor Board banned 'Fire' at that time, but the film has since been shown in OTT.

4) Kama Sutra: The Tale of Love: 'Kamasutra: The Tale of Love' was produced in 1996. The film is based on the story of becoming a courtesan in 16th century India. Directed by Meera Nair. Rekha was the attraction of this film. Although praised by critics, the Censor Board felt that 'Kamasutra: A Tale of Love' was an extremely vulgar film. As a result, the film was banned. But at the beginning of the 21st century, this film was being watched on YouTube. Subsequently, nothing but a few scenes from the film exist on YouTube.

5) Parzania: 'Parzania' was built in 2005. The film centers on a boy named Azhar who went missing in the bloody 2002 Gujarat riots. Although the film won the National Award, the film was banned to prevent people from seeing the past of Gujarat.

6) Water: Shabana Azmi was initially cast for this film. The Sangh family protested after seeing him rising from the Ganges in white robes. Hinduism is highlighted. When Shabana withdrew from the film, Seema Biswas replaced her in the role. The film was completed and released in few theatres. But within a week of its release, policymakers suddenly felt that this film was distorting Hinduism. In fact, the film highlighted the plight of widows in pre-independence Benares. The Censor Board banned 'Water'.

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