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Weird 3-eyed cat, 3-eyed cat, the cat has three eyes


In the internet-world, sometimes strange things can be found. The same can be said about a cat. The cat has three eyes. This cat was found in Victorville, California, USA.

According to Indian media NDTV, the video of this cat was uploaded on video sharing platform Reddit. This video has already been answered. About 12,000 votes were cast on the video. And about 600 comments have been submitted in the comment room of the video.

The caption of the video reads, A three-eyed cat. In that video, one eye can be seen in a coat. Another coat has two eyes.

The video received various comments. A user of the online forum Reddit wrote, Is the cat's third eye useful? Many have also expressed their love for the cat. Another user wrote, 'Hope the cat is not hurt.'

Reddit naturally has a variety of topics to discuss. This cat video has been discussed ever since it was uploaded. Veterinarians are also talking about it. As one doctor explained, such random mutations occur frequently. But such eye cells are fixed before they grow or grow. But such clear eyes are rarely found.

Another Reddit user wrote, 'I hope that cat's eye isn't hurting. Although it looks like the cat has a sore eye.'

This video was also published by a verified YouTube channel called ViralHog. It is mentioned that the video was uploaded on that channel on August 10. The video has been viewed 1 million times.

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