Why don't girls' clothes have pockets? Why don't women's clothes have pockets?


Women's clothing often has no pockets at all. But do you know why this is so? However, many girls regret this. They are often heard to say, why do not have pockets in our clothes and pants? However, it is not possible to answer it. Again, this issue is still not clear, why women's dresses do not have pockets?

But if you want, you can add a pocket to your shirt. Now though, many brands have started adding pockets to girls' outfits as well. And women are happy to see that.

Why girls clothes do not have any pockets? Let's find out now-

scientific reasons

Exactly why girls don't have pockets? Many people look for various reasons behind this. Actually there is no scientific reason behind it. The old mentality is connected with it. Since ancient times, pockets were not kept, the same thing has been going on since then.

Although now the girls have protested against it. They also demanded to have pockets in clothes. Now women add pockets to their favorite clothes. They wear the kind of clothes that they like.

Beauty will be lost

No one is making such a claim that T-shirts should have pockets. But dresses, skirts, kurtas or trousers can have pockets. In ancient times when women's shirts or tops were designed, no pockets were added to those shirts or tops.

At that time, it was thought that if girls had pockets in their clothes, then they would keep something in those pockets. And because of this their 'beauty' will deteriorate. That's what the designers of that time thought. That's why there were no pockets in the clothes. And women also felt comfortable wearing such clothes.

Time shift

Even in the last century, not all girls were workers. They had no right to carry their own money. They were always dependent on the male members of the household. So there was no need to have pockets in their clothes. Because there was no need to keep money in their pockets.

Then girls started using handbags or handbags or purses. That's how they started to keep their stuff. So there is no need to return or give pockets to the garment. But now women dress as they like. They may or may not keep a pocket there, it is entirely their own choice.

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