A giant python swallows a whole alligator in seconds, viral video


Seen the fight with snakes and other beasts? I know you may have seen it. But you must not have seen the video of a snake swallowing an alligator. Python is a very dangerous snake. A human or animal can die within seconds if it grabs anyone with its body. Now one such video has become viral from YouTube.

In the video, a python found its prey in the forest. It is seen that the aquatic animal has twisted an alligator with its huge body. Let us inform you that alligator is a type of large crocodile. This animal looks like a complete crocodile. The alligator is unable to free himself from the python's clutches despite his best efforts.

The python has a mouth that is practically bigger than its own body and takes the alligator in its mouth. He was squirming but nothing could save himself from the python. That is why the snake slowly swallowed the alligator whole. Then it is understood how terrifying this python snake can be.

The video was uploaded 10 years ago by a YouTube channel named 'ojatro'. It has crossed 15 crore views so far. Millions of likes and comments have come. As many have said that the scenery is scenic, others have said that it is extremely terrifying. If you watch it, don't forget to tell us what you think of this scene.

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