Asking Allah's forgiveness for the way I lived, Islame Man Bhojpuri actress quit acting


There are no less examples of actresses in the industry who have said goodbye to the entertainment world to follow the path of religion. Be it Hindu or Islam, after realizing the pull of religion, some left the profession of light camera action and wore ocher clothes, while others chose burkha. The latest addition to the list is Sahar Afsha.

The famous actress of Bhojpuri entertainment world is going to bid farewell to the acting world forever. Sahar wants to bring himself completely to the path of Islam. The actress announced her big decision on social media.

In a message on social media, Sahar wrote, 'I want to inform everyone that I have quit the film industry and do not want to be associated with it. I want to spend my life in accordance with the teachings of Islam and the rules of Allah. I am begging Allah's forgiveness for the way I lived my life in the past.'

Sahar also wrote, 'I was not satisfied despite getting great success and money. Because I never thought of living this kind of life even as a child. All of a sudden I came into this industry and moved on. But decided to end these things. I want to spend the rest of my life according to the instructions of Allah. Please pray that by the grace of Allah I can live an honest life. I would like to be remembered not for the life I have lived so far, but for the life I will live from now on.'

Earlier in 2019, actress Zaira Wasim left Bollywood after acting in only a few films. Chose the path of religion. In the following year, actress Sana Khan also suddenly decided to follow the path of Islam. Not only that, he quickly married a mufti. One by one, the stars are saying goodbye to the world of acting and singing according to the rules of Islam.

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