Dhaka to Mumbai via Kolkata: Heroine Puja Festival

 Durga Puja, the biggest festival of traditional religions, is going on. This joyous event will end on Wednesday (October 5) with Vijaya Dashami. Durga devotees are so happy in the last moments. Not only ordinary people, the color of Puja is touching the minds of stars too. A little bit of that color can be seen in the social handle. How are the goddesses of the entertainment world dressed up for the puja? Dhaka to Mumbai, via Kolkata; Let's explore the social handles of the heroines of three industries to know a bit about it...


This is Vidya Sinha Mim's first Durga Puja after marriage. So the happiness level is sky high now. The heroine told the Bengali Tribune that Vijaya Dashmi will be at her in-laws' house in Comilla on the day of her death. Before this, however, he visited the Mandap in Dhaka. Mim presented herself in different outfits on the occasion of Puja. Sometimes matching white saree with red blouse and jewelry, sometimes painted in yellow.


Pooja Cheri has been at the center of discussion on the Shakib Khan issue for a few days now. Because of this, he has extra pressure. But the heroine is unwilling to spoil the joy of Puja under that pressure. So on the day of Navami (October 4) he appeared on Facebook in a fancy dress. Wearing a white-red-black combination saree, there is heavy jewelery and the presence of tip-vermilion.


Pooja Cherry

Actress Apu Biswas is in Kolkata. He is celebrating the puja of 22 in the festival city itself. Anjali gave Ashtami in red saree. He also expressed his excitement and said that Pooja means red saree, and 'red saree' is the name of his upcoming movie.

Durga Puja is a big and colorful festival that can be felt in Kolkata. The whole city was filled with joy. The popular actress Mimi Chakraborty here is dressed in green on Ashtami and red and white on Navami. His comment, 'don't dress up? Talk about worship.

Subhasree-Raj Chakraborty

Subhasree Ganguly also presented himself in a different outfit every day. She is seen wearing a yellow saree on Maha Ashtami, black thrips on Navami. In between, Anjali gave Ashtami again in a dark peach colored saree. With husband Raj Chakraborty and son Yuvan.

Mimi Chakraborty

Nusrat Jahan does not believe in religious restrictions. So he rejoices in any worship. In this year's Durga Puja too, they went from pavilion to pavilion, played Dhak, ate delicious food with joy. Apart from this, the actress has also done a special photoshoot for Puja with her life partner Yash Dasgupta.


Srabanti Chatterjee's puja is also quite colorful. Sometimes she spread the appeal of Roop in a black dress, sometimes she stole the hearts of fans in a red saree. She was last seen in a bright red saree for Ashtami.

Puja at Mallik house is always crowded. Many others from the industry turned up at Nandit actor Ranjith Mallick's house. Home girl, heroine Koel Mallick is an integral part. She gave Ashtami anjali with husband Nispal Singh and son Kabir Singh. Earlier, the actress impressed the followers with a glamorous look in a dark blue saree.

Koel Mallick with husband and children

Also, almost all the Tollywood actresses including Rukmini Maitra, Sohini Sarkar, Priyanka Sarkar, Raima Sen, Isha Saha, Tanushree Chakraborty, Madhumita Sarkar were seen in Puja attire.


It is the busiest city. The stars of the Bollywood industry here are always looking for work. There are many Bengali stars among them, who do not miss to enjoy the Durga festival in the gap of busyness. Popular actress Rani Mukherjee was seen in multiple outfits in this puja. As she did Devidarshan in blue and green saree, she was caught on camera with another actress Kajol in ghee colored saree. The 'DDLJ' heroine sometimes dresses herself in a mustard colored silk, sometimes in a peach colored chiffon saree.

Kajal-Roni Puja

Although Mouni Roy is a Bengali, she is now a Bollywood person. So there is his worship. She appeared in a white saree at the Kajol puja. Happy Maha Ashtami.

It should be noted that the main festival of Durga Puja started with Shasthi on October 1. Pilgrims will perform the sacrifice on Wednesday (October 5) spreading the message of joy and harmony. Then wait again for a year; Thinking in mind - next year will happen again.

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