Govinda kisses Sunita on stage, girl covers her face in father's film, video released


Govinda was one such actor of the 90s, who on one hand had the power to enthrall the entire nation with his amazing dance moves. Again, the movie audience was mesmerized by comedy and romance too. He has worked with many popular actresses on the big screen. Rani Mukherjee was sometimes seen opposite him, Raveena was sometimes seen, Karishma was sometimes seen.

Apart from the great 'real life', he became a part of the beautiful 'real life' holding Sunita's hand. He married Sunita on 11 March 1987. Then Tina and Yashvardhan Ahuja became part of their lives. Even though he is not a part of any movie now, even today the audience could not forget him.

Popular actor Govinda appeared in the popular music reality show 'Indian Idol Season 13'. He was accompanied by wife Sunita Ahuja and daughter Tina Ahuja. On this stage, Govinda's wife basically expressed regret for Govinda. He said, "He never danced with me". After that, Govinda kissed his wife in front of everyone on the stage.

Apparently, Rob fell on the stage of the popular music reality show 'Indian Idol Season 13'. Govinda's daughter Tina finally covered her face due to Govinda's injury. It is to be noted that earlier Govinda and his wife also danced on the popular song 'Aapke A Jaane Se' from the movie 'Khudagarj' on the same stage. Which was witnessed by Judges Vishal Dadlani, Hinesh Reshmia and Neha Kakkara.

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