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We all know that cerelac is very nutritious for children. But it is quite expensive as a baby food. Besides, many parents are also concerned about the healthiness of the ingredients of Cerelac bought in the market. So today see how to make cerelac at home in a healthy way. This homemade food is very beneficial for your baby. It helps the baby gain weight. So while making the serlak, you can take the ingredients more or less according to your baby's physical needs.

Homemade Cerelak Recipe for 8 Month Baby


Lalchal or Atap rice - one and a half cups

Mashkalai dal - one cup

Green boot dal – one cup

Moong dal - one cup

Roasted chickpeas – one cup

Lentils- one cup

Broken wheat - one cup

Sabudana- half a cup

Bute dal - half a cup

Maize – half a cup

Almonds - ½ cup

Cashew nuts - half cup

Cardamom - 8-10 am

Rules of creation

Soak the rest of the ingredients overnight, except for the almonds, cashews and cardamom. Next day wash them well and dry them

Then keep folding all the ingredients one by one into the dry opening according to the rules below.

Keep frying till the rice puffs up a bit.

Fold in the dal and wheat flour until brown and slightly crumbly. Fold the green boot stems from green to brown.

Fry the sago slightly crunchy and dry.

The chickpeas taken in the tail should be roasted for a while and crushed.

Cook until the corn starts to pop.

Fold in the almonds and cardamom until fragrant.

Fry the cashew nuts until golden.

Now cool the folded ingredients.

Grind the cold pulses, nuts, rice and spices in a blender or grinder. Vyas, prepared nutritious homemade cerelac.

You can use this nutritious baby food for 4 to 6 months by storing it in an airtight container.

Baby feeding rules

Take a cup of milk and let it boil.

Then add two teaspoons of cerelac to it and keep stirring so that it does not curdle. This will make a thick paste. You can add more milk if needed.

When done, switch off the flame. Feed your baby while still warm.

It is important to remember

You can add fruits of your choice like banana, apple or safada to the meal.

If you want to sweeten, add jaggery instead of sugar.

Nuts should not be given to children under one year of age.

Dal can be given to children above eight months of age. But make sure it is soft for digestion.

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