Hot viral video: Little girl playing hide and seek with pet dog


Hot viral video: Little girl playing hide and seek with pet dog

is authentic. Recently, one such friendship video is going viral on social media. Netizens are sharing the video in huge numbers. Let's watch the sweet video.

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Nowadays, the whole world is connected with social media, there are hardly any people who do not use social media. We use social media for a variety of reasons. There are many people who earn by creating content on social media and many people use social media just for entertainment. And the number of the last type of people is more. We see many types of photos, videos and news on social media every day. Among these videos, there are some videos or news that we are surprised after watching.

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Recently a video is trending on social media. The video shows a little girl playing hide and seek with her best friend, a dog. And the caption of the video reads 'Two best friends playing hide and seek.' Children at home play various games by themselves or with toys. However, this video of playing with a pet dog at home has taken everyone's attention.

Actually this video was shared by a person named 'Tansu YeGEN' from his Twitter account. That tweet has been retweeted more than seven and a half thousand times. More than 5 target people liked the video. Users responded by praising the friendship between the kid and the dog. One user wrote 'cute friendship', someone wrote 'cute baby and dog', someone wrote 'amazing video', and someone showed interest in knowing the breed of the dog.

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