I'm not a sports person, ask me simple questions: Nazifa Tushi


The movie 'Hawa' touched the country's first franchise 'Hockey Champions Trophy' logo unveiling ceremony. The film's heroine Nazifa Tushi was present at the event held last Thursday. After the hockey event, when she faced the media, the rising actress was asked about the game of hockey.

The sports journalists kept asking the heroine one after another questions about the hockey game. However, as Tushi had no idea about this game, the questions seemed very difficult.

Plagued with questions about the game one after another, Tushi said frankly, "I have no idea about hockey." I am not a sports person. And ask me a simple question, I did not come to take the exam, brother. The reporters present laughed at his answer.

How interested are you in hockey? In response to such a question, Tushi said, "First of all, I am not a sports person. My workplace is different. But yes, we like any sports. I watch sports as much as possible. I like hockey. However, hockey is not practiced as much as cricket in our country. The initiative taken this time is good for hockey. I want hockey to win the World Cup. That is the expectation. Because the people of our country are very strong. They are very energetic about sports. So why will hockey be left behind.

If there is a movie about sports in Bangladesh, will you act? - Tushi said, "Of course I will." It would be great if I could play a character who has contributed to sports and has a lot of sports related stories in his life.''

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