Is it serial or circus? Devi is wearing a sports bra! The viewers are angry over Zee Bangla


Serial (Serial) who does not love to see? Keeping in mind the needs of the audience, new serials are also brought. Again, the debate started with these serials. Funny scenes shown in the story, trolling with the expressions of the actors and actresses. The trolling started with a scene from Zee Bangla's 'Shishu Bholanath'.

Bholanath is the only child among G's religious serials. It has been several months since the serial started. Actually it is a Hindi serial. The serial was aired on Zee's Hindi channel. The serial has been re-broadcasted by dubbing in Bengali. Mahadev's childhood story has come up in this serial.

Recently, a scene of baby Bholanath caught the attention of netizens. And with that the laughter started. Netizens are laughing at the funny expression of the actress. One wrote, "It looks like it's got a rash." Another wrote, There are so many good actresses on the small screen. The channel can not do the election properly?

In between, another noticed, Devi is wearing a black sports bra on screen! On top of that is the sari anchal, necklace and bangles. The eyes of the audience are on the forehead. Many people expressed their anger on Zee Bangla. Are these serials or circuses? How long will the channel be arbitrary with the gods?

This is certainly not the first time. A few days ago, controversy started over Mahalaya's ceremony. The audience laughed at Subhasree Gangopadhyay's leaps and bounds in the form of Goddess Durga. Many expressed their anger. The same thing happened this time.

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