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What is love called? No one has been able to give its exact definition yet. But it is easy to understand that love means mutual understanding. And from that understanding, sexual relationship develops between husband and wife or man and woman. How to do that sexual intercourse or intercourse in a scientific manner is the topic of today's discussion.


Feeling Excited:

The first condition for intercourse is to feel arousal. This excitement can be experienced in different ways. Excitement can be divided into two categories.

(a) Natural Excitement: If the heart instinctively feels an irresistible urge to meet each other in the face of expression, then that is true excitement.

(b) Artificial Arousal: The arousal which is felt intentionally between man and woman or between husband and wife is called artificial arousal.

What the husband should do:


1. First, tell your wife tonight.

2. Try to incite him to desire without any force.

3. Kissing, cuddling, intercourse should be created.

4. Show respect and love to your wife.

5. The wife does not verbalize her sexual excitement. You have to realize that.

6. If the wife does not want to have sex, she should be told. Appeal to him with your needs and desires in a soft, loving voice. If you see it, don't do it again.

Ways to give absolute happiness to wife:

1. Kiss on the cheek frequently, massage the breast, massage the clitoris.

2. They get the ultimate pleasure from rubbing the vagina before intercourse.

3. If a very small amount of camphor is applied to the penis before coitus, the wife is quickly satisfied. However, camphor should not be too much, it may cause burning of the wife's vagina and penis.

4. Fuck your wife's breasts.

5. Bite the ears, neck, nose. Remember that the bite does not hurt your pet.


During intercourse:

1. It is wise not to have intercourse during the day.

2. Intercourse after eating is absolutely prohibited.

3. Late night is the perfect time for intercourse.

4. It's unscientific to have sex when you're worried or in a bad mood.

5. Intercourse can be done late night or early night. However, some studies have shown that late night sex is harmful to health.

Other relevant topics on sex:

It can't be that you got excited and started having sex. It is a work of patience and endurance. By applying many tricks, one can actually get the ultimate pleasure of female intercourse. The feeling that your wife also secretly longs for.


Gentle strokes:

1. You can slowly stroke the tender parts of the wife's body to increase the pleasure during full intercourse. They get a lot of fun with this beating.

2. Hug him and shake him.

3. At this time, you can force the wife's Thai.

4. You can massage the breast by mixing honey in your hands.


Lehya or lehon has become very normal these days in intercourse. Earlier it was not widely used. In particular, this relationship between husband and wife is shameful. Breastfeeding is not religiously acceptable. However, according to sex experts, various parts of the female body, especially the genital area, are very productive for the satisfaction of both parties.

What to do after intercourse:


1. There may be some loss of energy during intercourse. You can eat a glass of warm milk to fill it up. A single cation and two tola mixtures can be consumed in conjunction.

2. Nuts can be crushed well and eaten.

3. If consumed mixed with Dutola Ghee, Dutola Misri or jaggery, decay is easily fulfilled.

4. Grind mung beans and fry them, then mix them with sugar or sugar to get benefits.

5. If the penis is washed immediately after intercourse, the symptoms of impotence are revealed. That is why the penis should be washed after some time of intercourse.

6. You can drink cold water or syrup.

7. You can drink one or two glasses of water mixed with sugar with lemon juice.

8. You can spend the rest of the night with a comfortable sleep.

9. Staying awake for a long time after intercourse, deep thinking and any mental tension is not beneficial for stability.


Avoid drug use

Any addiction is always harmful. And if it is during intercourse with the wife, it is very harmful. This is how your blood warms up during intercourse. At that moment, if you want to get more excited by taking drugs, there is a risk of backfire. At this time, your physical and mental overexcitement may lead to death due to heart attack or brain stroke.

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