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'Kolkata Rasgolla' song of old woman dances wildly, viral video The netizens were surprised to see such a dance of the old woman in a modern look


An old woman danced to the song 'Ami Calcutta Rasgolla'. We have seen the proverb 'Age is just a number' many times. Someone is as beautiful as Ashtadashi even after crossing 40. Some even over 80 have come up in the headlines by showing great stunts with bikes. And this time, an old grandmother danced admirably.

This song by Deboshree Roy is a song from Bengali movie Evergreen. Over the years this song has been played at any neighborhood event. And even today this song is equally popular. No one can dance without listening to this song. Recently, an old lady who has got a puck on her head also caught the eye by dancing to this song.

In the viral video, an old woman is seen wearing a green genji and blue denim jeans and a red bag on her shoulder. In this dress, she is shaking her hands and feet to the beat of the song. Maybe his dancing is not perfect. He is not even doing the right step. However, even at this age, the way the old lady continues to dance with energy really surprised everyone.

It is very likely that the old lady's family members encouraged her to dance by dressing her up like this. And this video proves one more thing that social media does not only have a negative effect. Sometimes also provides logistics for people's laughter and entertainment. The video went viral as soon as it was released.

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