Like Apu, Bublio also opened a Facebook page in the name of his son


Shakib Khan-Bubli's son Shehzad Khan Vir is floating in the virtual world with greetings. This time Veer's mother Bubli has opened a page on the social media Facebook in the name of Son.

Shehzad Khan Bir is the only followed page of heroine Bubli's page with 40 lakh 30 thousand followers. However, father Shakib Khan's verified page has not yet been followed to his son's page.

Within hours of the official release of Veer's name and picture from the parents' page, the page was opened in his name. The About page has the name of the hero as well as the name of the father and mother.

Only three pictures have been posted from Shehzad's page. However, many have shared the pictures along with thousands of like-comments. Already that page has been followed by 21 thousand IDs.

Ending days of speculation, actress Shabnam Bubli revealed Veer's picture and his father's name last Friday. On the same day, father Shakib Khan also acknowledged the child with a similar post.

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