Nirhua loses control in Anjana Singh's hot move in the elevator, viral video


Like Bollywood, Bhojpuri film industry is also gaining popularity among the audience day by day. Bhojpuri movies were not seen like that before, but now the demand for them has increased tremendously. Which can be understood by watching various Bhojpuri movie clips or Bhojpuri movie song views on YouTube. And along with that, the popularity of stars working in Bhojpuri industry is also increasing.

One of the superstars of the Bhojpuri film industry is actor Dinesh Lal Yadav. But most people know him as Nirahua. Those who watch Bhojpuri movies regularly or are fans of Bhojpuri movies know Nirahua very well. He is such a big actor that his movies or videos hit the peak of popularity instantly when they hit YouTube. Apart from this, his old songs are also equally popular on social media.

One of his popular movies is 'Jigar'. And a video clip of this movie has recently become very popular on various social media platforms. In this viral video clip, Neerahua and actress Anjana Singh are seen in a romantic scene. In the first video clip, actress Anjana Singh is seen buying some dresses for herself at a shopping mall. And that's when Superstar Nirahua appeared there looking for the actress.

After a while, Anjana turned his attention. He finds her in the elevator of the shopping mall. Seeing Anjana, actor Neerahua slowly moved towards her and at one point hugged her. Although the video clip is from an old movie, it has recently gone viral. The video has already crossed millions of views. Many fans have experienced the warmth of the two stars.

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