Parineeti Chopra's Oops moment in short dress on stage, video going viral


Parineeti Chopra's Oops moment in short dress on stage, video going viral

Parineeti Chopra got into trouble riding on Siddharth's lap. Half of the heroine's breast came out. The only trolled topic about actresses in the net world is their clothes.

Apart from clothes though, anything i.e. a lime from a drink goes viral on social media. Most Bollywood actresses suffer from overdressing. Because their clothes are the fashion sensation of the whole country. The heroines are dressed in different designing clothes, some have chest slits, some have very short clothes, sometimes their intimate parts come out through the gap of the clothes.

And showing off the body by dressing up in bikinis, monokinis has become popular with the heroines. Parineeti Chopra is one of the hot actresses of Bollywood. This actress is one of the Chopra sisters of Bollywood. Because he is the cousin of actress Priyanka Chopra.

Bollywood actresses mean looks, it is natural that there will be tension in the figure, there will be wasted hotness in the clothes. And the figure will have a Mercatori belt. But even if Parineeti is not very mercurial, her fans are attracted by her chubby figure.

Although he is sometimes subjected to various trolling due to his weight, but he doesn't care much about it and continues to show his fashion goals. But now he has slimmed down a lot through workouts and diet. Often seen in bold outfits, an old video of Parineeti recently went viral.

He has not been seen on the big screen for a long time. The actress is now busy with photoshoots and shooting for various music albums. She has done two films with Bollywood's handsome actor Siddharth Malhotra. One is 'Jabariya Jodi' and another is 'Hasee Toh Phasee'. The heroine's performance in both the films opposite Siddharth was appreciated.

However, both Siddharth and Parineeti appeared in the promotion of this film once. The actress wore a deep neck rich western frock. Where half of the cleavage of the heroine's chest was visible.

And then when Siddharth was asked by the reporters to do a 'Jaberia Jodi' scene, Siddharth immediately hugged Parineeti and lifted Parineeti in his lap, and Parineeti was embarrassed by this.

Because most of her chest also came out, and the heroine could not control it. So the heroine was very uncomfortable. This video has recently gone viral from PR bollywood youtube channel.

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