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"Pregnancy" seems miraculous to me. Two souls in one body. The good and bad of the two entities depend together, the health and illness of the mother and the life and death of the child.

During pregnancy, there are quite a lot of changes in hormones from the normal state, there are some changes in the body structure - so some of the physical problems of the mother appear anew or increase. It can be seen that once the delivery is done, those problems also go away. Most of these are physiological or normal.

Since the pregnancy issue is very sensitive to everyone, many people are afraid of these problems. Actually there is nothing to panic too much. Most of these can be remedied or prevented by making a few lifestyle changes and following a few tips.

Trying to write a solution to some very common problems. I think everyone needs to know things.


1. Nausea and vomiting:

It can be seen that this problem occurs in about 75 out of every 100 pregnant women. Usually this problem occurs right after waking up in the morning.

-On waking up in the morning, it is said to eat dry food like toast, biscuits, crackers etc. in bed.

- It is said to eat more protein-rich foods.

- Foods containing excess oil and fat should be avoided.

-Don't eat too much at once, eat little and often.


2. Back pain:

About 50 out of every 100 people have this problem.

-Avoid gaining too much weight.

- Adequate rest should be taken, ten hours in total.

Rest by keeping your feet slightly elevated, such as placing a pillow or two under your feet.

- It is better to sleep on a hard bed.

- High heeled shoes may not be worn.

- It is better to avoid sitting hunched over or lifting things from the bottom.

- Stand up straight when standing.

- Do not do heavy and strenuous work.

- You can massage the waist.

- Can be baked with something hot or cold.


3. Constipation:

- Drink plenty of water.

- Fiber foods such as: vegetables and fresh fruits and roots should be eaten more.

-Ispgul bark can be eaten.

- Do not delay going to the toilet when stressed.

- It is good to practice some walking, 20-30 minutes a day can be walked 3 days a week.


4. Ingrown toenails:

-Massage the feet.

- Hot baking is beneficial.

-Calcium and vitamin B-1 can be taken as per doctor's advice.


5. Watery feet / Swelling of feet:

-Relax and place your feet on a pillow or two.

- Do not stand or sit for long periods of time.

-Wear comfortable shoes.

- Drink more water.


6. Heartburn, Acidity:

-Avoid eating too much food at once.

- Do not go to bed immediately after eating.

- Eat food long before going to bed.

- Sleeping on a high pillow provides comfort.

- Antacids can be taken.

7. Varicose veins in legs, piles:

- Use of crepe bandages for varicose veins in legs and elevation of legs while resting is advised.

-Regular toilet cleaning is essential for piles; Care must be taken to prevent constipation. Do not apply too much pressure while cleaning the toilet. It is better to sleep on the left side. You can take a bath with warm water. Special attention should be paid to cleanliness.

8. White discharge:

- Maintaining personal hygiene is the main treatment.

- It is better to use soft cotton undergarments.

But the bottom line is that every pregnant woman should visit her doctor regularly, get the necessary tests and take her prescribed medicine regularly.

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