Prosenjit has four marriages, I only have two! Shakib Khan clears about the trolling of secret birth


Prosenjit has four marriages, I only have two! Shakib Khan clears about the trolling of secret birth

Actor Shakib Khan (Shakib Khan) has been practicing in Bangladesh for quite some time. Courtesy of his multiple marriages, clandestine children. Ever since he became the father of a second child with Bangladeshi actress Shabnam Bubli, the limelight has once again fallen on the Dhallywood star. Shakib Khan is also heavily criticized for his secret marriage and children.

Finally, the actor answered all the criticisms and taunts.

Shakib Khan is being criticized for having multiple relationships, two marriages and above all giving birth secretly. First, he secretly married actress Apu Biswas. After the breakup of that marriage, the actor married Shabnam Bubli again. They also had a second child.

In this regard, Shakib Khan told a news media of Bangladesh that the number of films he has acted in is more than 100. Did he love or marry all the heroines of the film? He had only two marriages. Everything else is rumours. Do they keep their mouths shut when interacting with others?

Speaking in his own favor, Shakib Khan claimed that Tollywood star Prosenjit was married four times, Elon Musk was also married four times. Where no one comments on their business? Shakib Khan comments that stars also have some personal issues. Not everything can be brought to the middle of the market.

In the past, Shakib's name has been associated with several Bangladeshi actresses. In 2017, Apu Biswas broke the news by crying, they got married secretly in 2008. Their child was born in 2016. But Shakib Khan did not accept that marriage.

Cut to present day. A few days ago, Shabnam Bubli shared a baby bump photo on Shakib's first son's birthday. Shakib himself put an end to the speculation. Sharing a picture with his second son, he said that he has become the father of Bubli's son. The actress gave birth to a child in 2020.

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