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Ranu Mondal dressed up in fast class during the Puja season, this video came forward

 Nah star he can't be called anymore.. As he rose with such speed he fell into the crowd. The name Yash Khyati is no more but what is there is a crowd of YouTubers. It is being said about the one-time social media celebrity Ranu Mondal.

Atindra Chakraborty, was behind the rise of social media celebrity Ranu Mandal. After that, everyone witnessed Ranu's singing of Bollywood songs. Although that popularity did not last long, he had to return to the dilapidated house in Ranaghat. But Ranudi does not particularly regret that. Sometimes he hums to himself and sometimes he chats with YouTubers. Like this, he forgot all the sorrows and rejoiced in the puja. Yes, he got ready for the puja before the puja.

Recently a video has gone viral on social media where it is seen that some YouTubers have appeared at his house before the Puja. Who took a new saree for her. But it does not end here, they have also dressed up Ranu in a saree. Ranu gave Mandal a new look before Puja with all things makeup. One may not be a professional makeup artist but still the initiative they took considering Ranu Mandal's hobby has been appreciated by the audience.

Although Ranu Mandal is Ranu Mandal! So as soon as the clothes were given, Ranudi checked whether they were new. However, before the puja, the audience loved seeing Ranu Mandal dressed up like the others. It is desirable that everyone participates in the puja.

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