Sourav-Anindita ended their relationship No one understands him like Anindita. Sourav once said that. Why is he ending the relationship?


Sourav-Anindita is one of the most popular pairs of Tollypara. Both of them have made a place in people's hearts with their hard work and skillful acting. Be it Tolipara or Balipara, it has become a very common thing for fellow actors and actresses to get involved in romantic relationships along with acting.

Likewise, breaking relationships has become a common thing. However, whether the relationship is broken or connected, gossip about this whole matter is not heard less. "Montu Pilot" starring Sourav Das (Sourav Das) was once very popular. Recently Sourav played the role of Mahishasur in Zee Bangla channel.

But Sourav's personal life is currently going through ups and downs. The popular couple broke up. This is what the actor himself said. Once Saurabh said, "He will not live without Anindita." No one understands this actor like Anindita Bose. But all these talks are past now. Sourav himself has said that he has no leisure in his life except work. He has no time to give to anyone now.

Despite his constant shooting throughout the year, the actor did not take any leave even during Puja. The actor said, "How can he manage a relationship if he doesn't have time to give to someone!" He feels that not taking care of the relationship is disrespectful. But despite the ups and downs in her personal life besides shooting, she is now enjoying her new cafe. Sabyasachi Chowdhury (Sabyasachi Chowdhury) and with the help of some friends opened a cafe. Montu aka Saurabh also said that he loves to learn new things and although he is very raw in business but now he has to learn everything.

All the food menus that have been selected in the cafe, but the actor himself has to learn the cooking, as a result, the actor is now having trouble breathing. He took a break from shooting for the entire month of September, even though he did not take any leave during Puja due to learning cafe work. However, it is known that shooting will start again at the end of October.

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