Surprise! Netizens are surprised to see this snake that looks exactly like a banana

Surprise! Netizens are surprised to see this snake that looks exactly like a banana Surprise! Netizens are surprised to see this snake that looks exac
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Social media has now become essential in most people's lives. Whether for work or to pass the time, nowadays social media is a huge part of social media. To get a little relief from the monotonous life, just open Instagram or Facebook or YouTube or Twitter to see a lot of posts or different videos.

Most people nowadays use social media as a means of entertainment. There are always different types of viral pictures and videos to be seen on social media. Apart from people, animals also have various pictures or videos going viral on social media. Whether domesticated or wild, they are loved by more or less everyone.

Netizens feel happy after seeing a video of various posts that have gone viral, feel sad after seeing a video, and get excited after seeing a video. Recently, a video of a strange-looking snake has gone viral on Instagram.

In the video, two ripe yellow bananas are placed on a table. Both colored bananas have dark spots. After a few seconds a person picks up a banana and realizes it is actually a snake. The video of this snake that looks exactly like a banana has caught the attention of netizens.

In the video, the snake is seen sticking out its tongue repeatedly. According to the information, the name of this strange snake is 'Banana Ball Python'. This rare species of snake is found in banana fields. The snake is so named because it looks like a banana. The video of this bizarre snake went viral after it was posted by an Instagram account.

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