'The root of ego's fall', the mystery surrounding the meme post


Vidya Sinha Mim is a popular heroine of Dhaka cinema. The movie 'Paran' in which he acted has crossed the borders of the country as well as abroad. Where Mim's performance has received great praise. Another movie of the heroine 'Damal' is releasing this month.

In the meantime, Mim got angry in a post on Facebook on Saturday (October 8) night. Recalling an old adage, he wrote, 'Ego is the root of downfall...just wait and see.'

Why Mim got angry at midnight on Saturday! Against whom is his response? Devotees-well-wishers became curious to know. Fans are expressing their interest and opinion by commenting on the status. Some are dragging Shakib Khan, some are Bubli-Pooja Cheri.

However, when asked about this, Mim said, 'It is actually nothing. I like this saying a lot, so I shared it on Facebook. And if there is anything in my message, I will say it when the time comes.'

It should be noted that Mim's new movie 'Damal' is releasing on October 28. He got 'Paran' director Raihan Rafi and actor Shariful Raj in this movie too. Siam is another successful hero of the time. The movie also stars Intekhab Dinar, Sumit Sengupta, Rashed Mamun Apu, Saeed Babu, Nazmus Saqib, Shahnaz Sumi and others.

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