This real rock star is 58 years old, happy birthday Bangla rock hero Farooq Mahfuz Anam James

 Bangla rock song togbag young james. Citizen Baul Beshe who has been carrying the flag of rock music for four decades with finger-picking guitar; On the way to Bengal. In a low voice he has repeatedly assured the millions of young people spread across the world by saying - the father of the path is the mind / the mother of the path is the mother / I will find my address in the middle of the path....

This real rock star turned 58 on Sunday (October 2). Happy Birthday Bangla Rock Hero Farooq Mahfuz Anam James.

One of the rockers of the subcontinent was born on this day in 1964 in Naogaon. But all of his growing up and getting involved in music happened in Paharkanya Chittagong. Music developed in Dhaka. Although now he is no longer limited by borders. After conquering Bollywood, he is now popular all over the world.

Although there is no dearth of fan frenzy and arrangements around the star on his birthday, James will spend this time in his own way, as always. He does not keep any concert-recordings on this day. Perhaps he did not participate in any birthday celebrations. During the day he prefers to stay in Gutisutimere by himself.

But send special messages for fans every birthday. This time on the first hour of his birthday (October 2, 2022) (12:00 PM) he gave the same message through Bengali Tribune. "As long as you're here, I'm here," James told fans.

Perhaps told, life is too short. Everyone should go. before and after However, an artist walks the path of Yugantar in the guise of a youth in the hands of his fans. That's why the message in Nagar Baul's voice is - As long as you are there, I am there. Birthday is just a number.

James will remain in Bengal, in the pages of the rich history of rock music; No doubt about it. However, this 58-year-old young man has not stopped yet. He is still the most expensive show in the country and abroad. Sometimes taking a long break from new songs, but recently took the initiative to release songs regularly. On May 2, after 12 consecutive years, he appeared with a new music video 'I Love You'. In the last week of this month, he is coming again with a new song. Nagar Baul confirmed this.

Nagar Baul manager Rubaiyat Thakur Robin said that the new song will be officially announced soon.

Meanwhile, today (October 2) around Nagar Baul's birthday, hundreds of fan clubs in the country and abroad have held various events, which are held every year. Every year there are new surprises from the fans in these events. In that continuation, a fan named Dalim Swadhin has released a song titled 'Guru Tumi Oxygen' aimed at Narar Baul. which went viral on the internet on Saturday (October 1) at midnight. The song through which Bhakta Dalim has expressed his admiration for the Guru.

As City Bowl fans may know, James' father was a government official. Who later served as Chairman of Chittagong Education Board. James started practicing music at the expense of his family. Once he ran away from home for music. Boarded at Aziz Boarding in Chittagong. From there his main music career started.

Founded the band 'Feelings' in 1980. The first album 'Station Road' was released in 1987. In 1988, James released a single album named 'Ananya' and became a super hit. After that, the albums 'Jail Tone Bagayu' in 1990, 'Nagar Baul' in 1996, 'Leis Fita Leis' in 1998, and 'Collection of Feelings' in 1999 were released.

After breaking up 'Feelings', James formed a new lineup of band 'Nagar Baul'. The band stuck between the 'Naughty Boys' and 'Beezley' albums. After that he released as a single album 'Dukhini Dukh Korona', 'Thick Khai Bandhu', 'Ami Ukhushei Lok', 'Janta Express', 'Tufaan' and lastly 'Kal Jamuna'.

Meanwhile, the single 'I Love You' was released this year after an era of releasing the last album.

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