What Anant Jalil said on the Shakib-Bubli issue


Bubli suddenly created a stir on social media by publishing a picture of her baby bump. Various speculations have been going on for three days. Filmmaker and producer Anant Jalil opened up on this issue at the very moment when the Shakib-Bubli discussion was at its peak in Cinema Para.

When Anant Jalil was asked his opinion on the Shakib-Bubli issue, he said that what Shakib Khan has done is his personal matter. And the words and news that came in the media will be forgotten within these two-four days. Some new incident will happen and immediately the case will be buried, people will forget. It will be a different story when it will be important in the media.

When asked whether the issue of child hiding in the media will affect the film industry or not, Anant Jalil said, not only this issue of Shakib, any bad name does not bring reputation in the film. What is bad is bad.

Then Anant Jalil laughed at the journalist's question. He said, best wishes to them. I wish everyone well.

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