Aindrila-Sabyasachi: Sabyasachi-Aindrila's love succumbed to death even after hundreds of attempts, destitute actors lost everything


Aindrila-Sabyasachi: Sabyasachi-Aindrila's love succumbed to death even after hundreds of attempts, destitute actors lost everything

Aindrila in the land of stars. He did not return to his house. The fighting girl failed all efforts and stopped the fight at 12:59 pm on Sunday. He died due to a heart attack, the news was received from the hospital sources. Everyone was eagerly waiting for his return. I wanted a miracle once more. But that's not going to happen anymore. At this moment, the entire stardom is stunned by his death. But in spite of all this, the man who held Aindrila's hand tightly, stood by her life force, he is a proletarian today.

The actress was diagnosed with bone marrow cancer in 2015. He returned to normal life in 2016 after chemotherapy. He started working in the acting world as well. However, even after that, there was no relief. In 2017, they were introduced on the basis of the 'Jhumur' series. At that time, their onscreen chemistry on the small screen caught everyone's attention. However, even after the end of the series, their friendship did not loosen. Rather, it gradually deepened. Later they were involved in love relationship with each other. However, in their happy life, cancer came back to the house.

He was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2021. But the actress came back fighting from there. His recovery was reported in early 2022. And Sabyasachi Chowdhury was by his side every moment of his recovery. His partner, friend and guardian.


In the last few months, everything was going as usual. However, on November 1, he was fine again, so his body was abandoned. He suffered a brain stroke on November 1. He was admitted to the hospital. He has been fighting death for 20 days. Along with everyone in the house, Sabyasachi was by his side. Needless to say, the doctors tried their best to bring him back. Everyone from commoners to celebrities prayed for him selflessly. Was hoping that there might be a miracle again! He will return to a healthy life again. However, on Saturday night, the actress suffered 10 consecutive heart attacks. And then Sabyasachi deleted all his Facebook posts from the social media page.

The actress' heart rate started decreasing gradually from Saturday night due to several consecutive heart attacks. The actress was saved at that moment with the help of multiple supports including CPR. But the actor was devastated to see the person closest to him slowly dying like this. He did not give up. In the end, they continued to fight for survival by clinging to each other. Aindrila's hands became numb due to physical pain. Aindrila's face and feet were swollen. Maybe nothing else happened, Sabyasachi continued music therapy on his own initiative even after knowing. Finally, the actress was kept in the ICU.


The actor is completely devastated after the actress' demise on Sunday. He deleted his entire Facebook account. He also fought with Aindrila. He wanted to bring back his closest person again. But even after a hundred attempts, the love of Sabyasachi-Aindrila succumbed to death. However, the fact that their love story will remain an example of true love in the midst of many lies, goes without saying.

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