How to make the penis thicker, what to do to make the penis stronger?, what are the home remedies to make the penis stronger and thicker?

 Some important facts about penis enlargement and lengthening

Many men think that a thicker and longer penis will make them happier and more attractive. But, that is completely wrong You will be happy only when you don't have any erectile problems. It is important to have a firmer penis than to have a thicker and longer penis. Never worry about penis size from today. Let's clarify some things about the big penis and small penis in men –


1. A study by Clemson University found that the average male penis size is about 5.1 inches.

2. Another study found that 90% of women don't think much about their partner's penis size. Because sex is completely different. If you have intercourse with a woman for 3-4 hours with a long thick penis, there is no guarantee that she will get pleasure. If you do not believe, ask your sexual partner. Before having sex, you should see if your female partner is ready for sex, otherwise you will not be able to please her even if you have sex all day. We will try to learn about these issues in another article about sex education.

3.85% women are happy with their partner's penis size. So don't worry about the penis becoming fat. You should consume nutritious herbal food to avoid any erectile dysfunction during intercourse.

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4. Only 55% of men are satisfied with their penis size. So the remaining 45% are unhappy? Actually they are also happy but fear in their mind that they will not be able to satisfy their partner with small penis. God Almighty has created women in such a way that the groove that is left after an inch and a half inside their vagina is satisfied by the friction of the penis. Those whose penises are slender can mate by changing positions, such as female on top and male on bottom. Remember, penis thickness and length is not important. Try to be happy with what you have from today. And yes do not use any type of penis enlargement pills or creams available in the market which are very harmful. Most medical authorities agree that no pill, vacuum machine, or any other gadget advertised is effective in making the penis thicker and longer. However, the penis is somewhat thicker and longer through herbal medicine.

Ayuharba herbal remedy – very effective

Regular consumption of Ayuherba's aphrodisiac will help you get rid of erectile dysfunction and make your penis thicker. This herbal medicine is completely chemical free and 100% safe which will cure your erection problems and make the penis slightly longer and thicker. The penis will become longer and thicker when the blood supply to your penis increases during intercourse. Regular consumption of the ayurvedic medicine prepared by Ayurveda will increase the blood supply to the penis and eliminate the problem of erection. This medicine is made of herbal ingredients which are very effective and safe. Click here for details

Penis Enlargement Oil:


There are many oils or massages available in the market. I don't know how much it actually works. But I can give a formula. Which you collect yourself, if you massage regularly on the penis, hopefully you will get some results. At least it will work better than conventional oil or ointment in the market. and do no physical harm. Because it is a natural formula and a kind of exercise.

Penis Enlargement Formula:

First a certain amount of sesame oil, tishi oil. And Venna/Veranda or Castor Oil by whatever name it is known. And mix 2 more oils with mustard oil. Among them, black cumin oil is easily available, but cubab oil is a little rare. So you have to buy cubeb oil from any super shop or online market. Cabbage oil is basically an oil extracted from a seed called cabb sugar. Take equal amounts of these six oils and mix them in a bottle. Wow, it's a formula for penis enlargement.

Rules for massaging the penis:

Massage the penis every day after bathing and at night before going to bed. Must be massaged like this. First, from the base of the penis slowly towards the tip, hold a little and lower the hand. Do not take too much oil in your hands. Massage in this manner several times with little oil. Try not to get too excited. It can be counterproductive. Continue this regimen morning and night. In 2 months your soft tissue blood circulation will increase several times than before. And the penis will be hard and thick. Do not ejaculate while doing this exercise and massage. Be patient. You can be 100% successful. If you massage twice a day with 25 pulls every day, the penis will be 50 pulls. Normally the penis will be a little longer. Not only tall but also thick and strong.


Unani massage can be used on tila jadid linga

Various legitimate Unani medicine manufacturers have been marketing Tila Jadid group oils or massages for erectile dysfunction, penile curvature, and penile impotence. Phendrug Lab is one of them. Once upon a time we used to deliver these rare safe medicines and send them to different parts of the country, but due to the evolution of time, this service is now stopped due to wasting time on the phone. So, the name of the medicine has been disclosed to everyone so that common people can benefit. Collect it if you can. Massage 4-6 drops of oil gently from the base of the penis to the tip several times. 2 times a day for at least 2 months.


Ways to increase penis size with herbal oil:

Common penis enlargement oils that are available in the market. I don't know how much it works. However, there are some chemical-containing oils or massages or ointments that are available. There is a risk of serious damage who It artificially increases instant blood circulation. As a result, the instant lingo looks thick and stiff. And eliminates sensitivity and prolongs intercourse. But due to regular use like this, sangamation is not possible without this process. At one stage, sex is not strong without this ointment, oil or massage. So I would suggest, instead of using such chemical medicine, make natural oil yourself.

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