Know easy way to store coriander leaves for long time, effective way to store coriander leaves in normal and deep freezer for long time


Coriander is the first name to add flavor to any food. From bharta to fish broth, sprinkling cilantro on any dish adds to the flavor. But storing coriander leaves becomes difficult in many cases.

If coriander leaves are kept in the refrigerator, changes can be seen in them after 2-3 days, and the quality also starts to deteriorate. If you put it out of the fridge again, it doesn't matter. But there are easy ways to preserve coriander leaves, which can be kept for a long time.

Now know the easy way to preserve cilantro-

Cut off the roots and pick the leaves immediately after bringing the cilantro from the market. Now mix some turmeric powder in water in a container and soak the coriander leaves for 30 minutes. After that, remove from water, wash and dry.

Now clean the cilantro with a paper towel and keep it in another container. In that case, put a paper towel in the other container as well. Put coriander leaves in it and cover them with another paper towel. Note that there should be no water in the coriander leaves. Be sure to seal the container air-tight.

Coriander is not only a flavor enhancer, but also has many medicinal properties.

If you have diabetes, it is good to eat cilantro.

• Improves digestion.

• Beneficial in kidney disease.

•Helps reduce cholesterol.

• Increases eyesight.

• May relieve anemia.

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