Shahid Afridi ICC Team India: 'ICC is desperate to play India's semi-final at any cost'!


Controversy continues two days after India-Bangladesh (IND vs BAN, ICC T20 World Cup 2022) match. Duckworth-Lewis (D/L method) rules were played due to rain at Adelaide Oval last Wednesday. India won the match by five runs in the last over. After the end of the match, there was a heated discussion about one issue. Many felt that the game had started long ago on the rain-soaked ground in Adelaide, and many people also claimed that the ground was unplayable. However, this reaction mainly came from Bangladeshi and Pakistani supporters. This time Pakistan's former captain and star all-rounder Shahid Afridi made a serious complaint against the ICC. Afridi's statement that the highest governing body of cricket leans towards India!

Afridi told a Pak channel, 'Everyone saw that the field was wet. But ICC leans towards India. ICC desperate to make India play semi-final at any cost. The umpires of the India-Pakistan match were the same as those of the India-Bangladesh match. They will get the best umpire award. With the amount of rain that day, it doesn't make sense to start playing immediately after the rain stops. It was clear that a lot was involved. ICC and India are playing a different game. There are many factors associated with stress. But Liton batted well that day. He played positive cricket. After six overs, we felt that if Bangladesh can play 2-3 more overs without losing wickets, then they will win the match. I will say, Bangladesh has put up a great fight.'


Virat Kohli did 'false fielding' in Adelaide! Many of the Bangladeshi supporters called him a 'cheat' and expressed anger on social media. In this context, cricket pundit Harsh Bhogle wrote a long tweet, 'In the case of fake fielding, I can say that this is a fact that no one has seen. Umpire to batter, nobody. Even we didn't see it. There is a penalty rule for false fielding as per Section 41.5 of the Laws of Cricket. But even in that case the umpire has to intervene. But no one has seen the incident that is being talked about. So what else to do! I don't think anyone can complain about the wet field. Shakib is right, wet pitches favor the batting side. The job of umpires and curators is to keep the game going as long as possible. They handled the matter very efficiently. So that minimum time is lost. I will tell my Bangladeshi friends, don't give false fielding or wet field as a reason for not being able to achieve the target. Had either batsman stayed till the end, Bangladesh might have won. We are all guilty when we make excuses. It cannot be improved like this.' Be it Pakistan or Bangladesh, when India loses, it burns in oil.

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