T20 World Cup 2022 Australia in the last four of the World Cup? How many runs will the last time champions have to restrict Afghanistan?


Even if they beat Afghanistan, Australia will not be able to top New Zealand in terms of points or net run rate. As a result, the road to the last four has become more difficult for the defending champions. Aaron Finch's trust is now Sri Lanka.

Australia scored 168 runs for 8 wickets against Afghanistan. It was this run that put some water on Australia's semi-final hopes. If Mohammad Nabi's team was defeated by 185 runs, Australia could have topped New Zealand in net run rate. The work was hard, no doubt. The T20 World Cup organizers could not even come close to that goal. Far from defeating Afghanistan by 185 runs, Matthew Wade could not get that run himself.

A chance to reach the last four of the competition, however, still lies ahead of the defending champions. The Finches will reach the last four if Australia beat Afghanistan and England lose to Sri Lanka on Saturday. However, there is little hope if England wins. In that case, England and Australia will have seven points. Then the net run rate will be considered. In that case, Jos Buttlers are in a very advantageous position.

England's net run rate is 0.547. Australia's net run rate before the start of the Australia-Afghanistan match was -0.304. In order to top England's net run rate, Navid's innings must end with 106 runs or less. Even if they can do that, the finches will not be in great relief. Because even if they win by a narrow margin against Sri Lanka on Saturday, Butlers will make it to the last four.

On the other hand, Kane Williamson officially made it to the semi-finals of the T20 World Cup as the first team. They have seven points in their collection. It is not possible for any team England or Australia to top this point. Australia is not able to top New Zealand in net run rate. Seasoned Williamsons finished second in Fay Group.

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