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Regular consumption of nutritious food already thickens men's semen. For example, if you take milk, eggs, honey every day, you usually don't need anything else. Many people immediately start taking medicine again. Doctors don't think he needs it either. Because men's semen is produced directly from their food.


Some of the natural things that are available at our fingertips. And if they are consumed regularly, men's semen becomes thick. Let's see what things are-

Garlic: Those who have gone into puberty can eat two cloves of garlic daily, fried in pure ghee and spread with butter. But after eating, you should drink some warm water or milk. Moreover, you can take 2 or 1 spoon of raw amlaki juice and eat one or two pieces of garlic paste with it. It will prolong the youth of both men and women. But keep in mind that consuming too much garlic is dangerous for those whose bodies do not stop bleeding easily. This is because garlic inhibits blood clotting.

Hyssop pods: Eat hyssop pods with water at night. Eat this way for seven days and you will understand the results yourself.

Milk, eggs and honey: Consuming nutritious foods like milk, eggs and honey on a regular basis will thicken the semen of men. A teaspoon or less of honey after three meals every day will get good benefits. Doctors say that eating these foods regularly does not require any medicine. Because male semen is generated from food.

Shimul Mool Churn and Shilajut: “Shimul Mool Churn” and “Shilajut” can be taken daily by mixing 1 spoon in water in the morning for a week or 10 days. This will work. The “shilajut” should be soaked in water the previous day. They are natural.

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Below are discussed the properties of different herbs for semen thickening:

Bam Tulsi – The juice of Ram Tulsi leaves is very beneficial in the treatment of hemorrhoids. After just two weeks of regular use, the patient regains normal sexual ability.

Bell – Youthful excitement is unleashed and the young man is led astray. Grind three to four bel leaves and mix its juice with half a cup of cold water and consume it for a few days to reduce the intense sexual tension in the body. However, it should not be eaten for a long time. There may be adverse results in married life.

Alkushi – As a result of various bad habits in youth, the precious semen becomes liquid due to excess sperm loss. Ripe Alkushi seeds should be soaked in a cup of hot milk for four to five nights, and the next morning, the seeds should be removed from the shell and ground with a little ghee. But the fried should not be fried too hard. If it is cold, mix a spoonful of misriguda or equal amount of sugar and eat it once a day, the liquid semen will thicken. At least 250 ml of cow's milk should be consumed as food. 500 ml of medicine should be consumed during the course.

Kalmi Shaak- Kalmi Shaak we eat almost. The qualities of this vegetable are many.


Mix 3 spoons of Kalmi leaf juice and 1.5 grams of ashwadanda root powder (available at Kavirajee shops) in one cup of cow's milk and take it once at night before going to bed, it will make the semen darker and also stop Swapna Dosha.

Shatmuli – With the coming of youth in the body, semen becomes thinner due to bad habits. In addition, the thin semen is easily released during sleep by seeing those negative thoughts and negative thoughts. Put 50 ml of Shatamuli juice in a steel container and add 100 ml of ghee and mix it. Mix three grams of this ghee with half a cup of warm milk and take it in the morning and afternoon to make the semen darker. But you have to try to keep yourself somewhat restrained.

Lataksturi – One and a half grams of Lataksturi seed powder, taken with a glass of cold water, slowly increases Venus. But should be eaten regularly for a month.

Jal-Yamani (chili-hinti) – Many people have semen with urine before or after urination. In this condition, take the leaves of this plant and gently squeeze half a cup of water. Then mix a little sugar in it and eat it as syrup, semen will be dark.


Buckwheat flower – If the semen occurs due to malnutrition, take 1 teaspoon of ripe Buckwheat syrup mixed with cold water every day after lunch for 2 to 3 weeks. The semen will become darker.

Shimul tree - Take 7 to 10 grams of the roots of Shimul tree and mix it with a little sugar and eat twice a day to make the semen darker.

By following any of the above methods, taking the medicine regularly will make the semen darker. Union between husband and wife will be unbreakable, peace will come to mind and money will be saved, time will also be saved. Comment if you like.

Note: If the above home remedies for semen thickening do not give good results due to any other problem, consult a doctor.

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