When and how to eat meals throughout the day in a healthy lifestyle

When and how to eat meals throughout the day in a healthy lifestyle

People who diet or follow a healthy lifestyle often do not follow healthy eating habits. But if you don't live in a healthy way, weight control is simply impossible. Even your diet or exercise will not get any benefit. So those who follow a strict diet should follow a healthy lifestyle. That is to make a habit of eating on time.

But when to eat any food? Is there really any restriction on this? No, there are no such restrictions. But most dietitians or nutritionists can agree on a general routine. They think the results of your diet become more visible by eating regularly during this time. Let's know when to eat what food.


Breakfast within half an hour of waking up

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day – this is nothing new. There is a popular saying – “Breakfast should be eaten by at least a king.” A hearty breakfast gives you the energy you need to get through the day. In addition, the brain can work properly, appetite is reduced, weight is also normal. That is why breakfast cannot be skipped.

But don't eat calorie rich food for breakfast. The balance of complex carbohydrates, meats, vegetables, fats etc. should be maintained in the breakfast food. It is better to have breakfast within half an hour of waking up. You will get more benefits if you always have breakfast before eight o'clock in the morning.

Light breakfast in the afternoon

You may feel hungry after breakfast around eight o'clock in the morning. Busy in the morning. So many people have food cravings. In that case, light breakfast can be had around 10 or 11 o'clock. When it comes to light breakfast, there is no better food than fruits.

Lunch between 1pm and 2pm

A balanced diet should be maintained at lunch as well as at breakfast. Those who want to lose weight can eat fish and vegetables with complex carbohydrates.


Have afternoon snack around 4 o'clock

The amount of food and drink should be reduced after lunch. After evening, the amount of work starts to decrease a bit. So at this time extra calories increase fat in the body. You can have light breakfast at this time. Such as sugar free crackers, toast, fruit salad or healthy drinks.

Dinner will be at 7/8pm


Going to bed early after dinner will help you sleep better. Sugar should be avoided as much as possible at dinner. Because sugar increases the level of insulin in the blood. As a result, sleep may be disturbed. Even complex sugars cannot be eaten during this time. But if you must eat complex sugars, eat them 3-4 hours before bedtime.

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