Aindrila Sharma's pet dog is crying on TV, viral video


A few days ago, popular Tollywood actress Aindrila Sharma passed away leaving her family, friends and countless fans crying. He had to go through a tough struggle from a very young age. In 2015, while studying in Class XI, the actress was suddenly diagnosed with malignant cancer. After several months of continuous treatment, he beat the cancer and came back to a healthy life. He also entered the acting world. But suddenly there is a crash! The actress was diagnosed with cancer for the second time in 2021. But even that time, he defeated the deadly disease by relying on the strength of his mind, the support of his family and the strong shoulder of his friend and lover Sabyasachi.

Aindrila Sharma's pet dog is crying on TV, viral video

But even after defeating cancer twice and returning to a normal life, there is no end in sight! The actress was suddenly admitted to the hospital after suffering a brain stroke on November 1. And then he didn't come back as a phoenix bird after twenty days of continuous life and death struggle. The actress breathed her last in that private hospital of the city. Later, the body of the actress was brought to Kundghat house and cremated at Keoratala crematorium.

Aindrila Sharma's pet dog is crying on TV, viral video

The untimely death of this actress at the age of 24 practically broke her family along with the entire Tollywood industry. No one could accept the untimely departure of this beautiful girl. However, apart from the actress' friend Sabyasachi, close people, family, fans, two others were devastated by her death. And they are the two pets of the actress Sarmeya Tojo and Bojo. During Aindrila's last journey, these two souls remained silent the entire time.

Tojo and Bojo were very close to the actress. These two pets used to jump when he returned home after a long day of work. But now they always look for actresses in empty houses. Recently a video has gone viral on social media. Where it is seen that an old show of the actress is playing on the TV, and her pet is crying while watching it. However, the authenticity of this video has not been verified by the report.

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