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Along with BNP, Jamaat also announced 10-point demand, BNP has announced 10-point demand for Saturday's mass meeting at Golap Bagh in the capital.


Along with BNP, Jamaat also announced 10-point demand, BNP has announced 10-point demand for Saturday's mass meeting at Golap Bagh in the capital.

BNP has announced 10-point demand for Saturday's public meeting at Golap Bagh in the capital. Apart from this, the party has announced a mass rally on December 24. This time, Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami announced a similar program along with BNP.


Amir of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami Dr. announced this program in an auditorium of the capital on Saturday afternoon. Shafiqur Rahman. He announced a program of mass marches in the capital city and districts of the country on December 24 as part of the simultaneous movement program aimed at realizing the 10-point demands.

Dr. Shafiqur Rahman said, more programs will be announced gradually, Inshallah. To make this program successful, he sought the full cooperation of all political parties, civil society, journalists, laborers, professionals and all levels of people.

10-point demand announced by Jamaat

1. The ruling government should immediately dissolve the current unelected National Parliament and resign and form an interim non-partisan caretaker government in light of Article 58-B, C and D added to the Constitution in 1996;


2. The caretaker government will abolish the current election commission and form an independent and impartial election commission acceptable to all. The Election Commission shall amend the RPO, abolish the EVM system and ensure the system of voting through paper ballots to ensure a level playing field as an inevitable prerequisite for free and fair elections and abolish the use of party symbols in local government elections;

3. BNP Chairperson and former Prime Minister Begum Khaleda Zia and Jamaat-e-Islami Naib Emir and former Member of Parliament Allama Delawar Hossain Saeedee, all opposition leaders-activists, clerics-ulama, human rights activists and journalists, including all the false cases, withdrawal of all false cases, oppression of people of all classes and professions. - stop torture and immediately release all political prisoners;

4. The offices of all parties, including Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami, should be immediately opened, the registration and symbols of Jamaat suspended for political purposes should be returned, and the right of all kinds of meetings and expressions of opinion, including political, religious and social meetings, should be ensured in the country. All parties must stop all interference by the administration and government parties in carrying out democratic and peaceful programs independently. Stop new prosecutions and arrests of leaders to silence dissenting voices in authoritarian regimes;

5. Digital Security Act-2018, Anti-Terrorism Act-2009 and Special Powers Act-1974 should be repealed;

6. The anti-people government decision to increase prices in service sectors including electricity, energy, gas, fertilizer and water should be canceled and the price of agricultural and educational materials, baby food, daily necessities should be brought within the purchasing power of common people and the market of daily necessities should be de-syndicated. Ensuring fair wages for working people in the light of inflation, stopping women and children abuse, child labor and ensuring fair price of agricultural products;


7. An independent and powerful commission should be formed to identify the corruption committed in the last 15 years in foreign money laundering, banking and financial sector, electricity and fuel sector and stock market. Protecting the character of the student-youth society, including stopping usury, bribery, saving the youth society from drug addiction and stopping the conspiracy against religious education;

8. All citizens who have gone missing in the last 15 years must be rescued and extrajudicial killings must be stopped, torture in the custody of law and order forces must be stopped and every case of state torture must be prosecuted by ensuring due punishment. Ensure that those responsible for the vandalism, arson and seizure of property belonging to religious minorities are punished in a judicial process;

9. Law-enforcement, administration and judiciary should be allowed to function independently without government interference to enable them to discharge their duties with institutional order and professionalism;

10. National unity should be built by stopping border killings and protecting the independence and sovereignty of the country and stopping the conspiracy to divide the nation.

Jamaat's central publicity and media secretary and central executive council member Matiur Rahman Akander was present at this time, the vice-emir of the party, Prof. Mujibur Rahman, Dr. Syed Abdullah Md. Taher, Acting Secretary General Maulana ATM Machum, Assistant Secretary General Hamidur Rahman Azad, Dhaka Metropolitan South Amir and Central Executive Council Member Nurul Islam Bulbul and Dhaka Metropolitan North Amir and Central Executive Council Member Salim Uddin.


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