Causes and remedies for small penis Penis is small because, penis is small or big due to many reasons, why human penis is small?, what is the reason for penis being small?


The penis is small or large due to many reasons

The penis is shortened for several reasons. However, about 85% of young men think of genetic or hereditary reasons for small penis. Also, the penis can be shortened due to various reasons mentioned below:

1. Hereditary causes:

Variations in penis size occur due to genetics.

2. Masturbation:

If masturbation is done continuously from adolescence ie 13/14 years or from puberty then the penis becomes smaller. Because excessive masturbation interferes with the blood circulation in the penis and the tissues cannot grow.

3. Wrong treatment:

As the general sexual desire of boys during adolescence is high, all the time sexual thoughts, porn videos, desire to get close to women, a kind of juice is released by boys' penis. As a result, physical problems are caused by consuming medicines from rural medicine, Kabiraj, hawkers in the market.

Some serious sexually transmitted diseases in boys are:

Apart from gonorrhea, syphilis, genital herpes, chlamydia, genital warts, trichomoniasis, hepatitis B are among them.

Ways to make the penis bigger and fatter:

There are several exercises to make the penis bigger and thicker. Among them are some tested exercises that will make your penis relatively bigger, thicker and stronger. For example-

1. Massage exercise method.

2. Penis therapy method.

3. Jelqing exercise method.

4. Straightening exercise method.

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