Dolly Javed: Urfi's ace in terms of beauty, sister Dolly, in a short dress has come out.


Urfi Javed is the controversial queen of social media. Controversy will rage wherever he stays. Urfi Javed is often practiced for his unbridled speech and clothes. Just by scrolling through the pages of social media, some news about Urfi Javed comes into view. However, this report will not talk about the actress, but about her sister Dolly Javed.

Dolly Javed can definitely beat Bollywood's top actresses. He has a huge fan following on social media as well, which is evident from his social media accounts. Her dressing sense is just as great as her sister's, but different. Like Urfi Javed, he is slowly becoming a social media sensation. Any picture or video shared by him goes viral instantly. Recently, Dolly Javed is practicing again based on her recent look.

Recently, Dolly Javed is being discussed on the basis of a reel video shared by herself. In the beginning of the video, Dolly is seen with open hair in a chocolate colored off-shoulder crop top and a black kheri colored palazzo. After that, he appeared in front of the camera in a bold look. She was seen in a deep neck line cutting, sleeveless, short dress with open hair.

In the video, Dali was seen posing in bold poses in front of the camera in blue light with matching makeup. Needless to say, this time it seems that he has surpassed the quality and nickname, but his glimpse will be found in the comment box.

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