Mithun is frying fish while eating beedi, netizens laugh at the actor's body, viral video

 Mithun is frying fish while eating beedi, netizens laugh at the actor's body, viral video

Father is frying fish while eating beedis. To hide the matter from his son, the father was also seen spreading the smell of washing all over the house to cover the smell of beedi. But who is this father? And the boy or who is thinking? This father-son is Mithun-Dev. The trailer of Prajaprati Biscuits has been released recently. The chemistry of father and son will be fully revealed in the movie. And this scene has appeared in the video clip of that movie.

Where it is seen that there are sons and fathers in the motherless family. And so naturally, the responsibility of managing the family, starting from cooking, fell on the father. However, father does not forget to pull bidis in the gap of work to get heavenly happiness. But if the boy knows, it is a great danger. And so this is a great way to hide from the boy. Attempts are being made to suppress the smell of washing by eating bidis.

And the netizens laughed at this scene. The chemistry of these two young and veteran actors has accumulated in the movie. Because both of them have managed to bring out the father-son chemistry properly. In that trailer, it is also seen that the father is sometimes making tiffin for his son, feeding him. And the son is also seen doing everything from giving medicine to his father to celebrating his birthday.

Through this movie, the life story of father and son will come out completely. Along with this chemistry of relationship there will be various kinds of laughter and fun. And this movie is going to be a great Christmas gift for movie lovers. And the netizens are very happy after seeing the trailer of this film. Praja Prati Biscuits is going to release in theaters on December 23. For now, everyone is waiting for the release of this film.

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